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The art of expression

Abhinayaa, the art of expression, is all about the beauty and confidence of a woman. Express yourselves with Abhinayaa, by bringing out the divinity in you.
With Abhinayaa, I am trying to create a line of signature pieces that bring about my individuality. Every owner is able to posses a one of a kind piece that is a fusion of various jewelry making styles and techniques from around the world.

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When one thinks about jewelry, gems & gemstones always come to mind. A bead is any gem or gemstone that has 1 or 2 holes drilled into them that can be threaded into, to make colourful earrings, garlands, bracelets, anklets and brooches.

Glass Work

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Knotting is an age old folk art, that transform simple threads into elegant Kumihimo braids or intricate Chinese good luck charms. I use these techniques to make simple thread jewelry or use them alongside other medium such as polymer clay and resin.

Metal Work

The Japanese went into war wearing chain maille armoury to protect themselves. I use this technique using hypoallergenic aluminium rings to make earrings, necklaces & bracelets. I also use anodised copper and silver wires by wrapping and twisting them with chunky gemstones to give them a varied look.

Polymer Clay

Polymer clay is a modern medium which I use to reproduce ancient clay jewelry, which has existed since 1000BC. It is a versatile medium that is available in over 30 different tints and shades. Even more tones can be derived by blending them.


Resin is unbreakable and quite resistant to heat. I make my own moulds to create interesting shapes and add colour or embed the resin with different objects like beads and metal foil to make it more interesting. Once the resin piece is cured we can also liven them up with metal paint.

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IH 10, Parsn Renascence,

176 Mambakkam Main Road,


Chennai 600 126

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